The Power of Words and Images: Our Communication Report

A Sex-Positive​ Communication

The pleasure industry, including media, adult entertainment, and sex education, often fails to represent disabled individuals. Not only does this leave us feeling excluded and undervalued, it also perpetuates the common assumption that people with disabilities don’t need or want to experience sexual pleasure.

Young people are the present the future empowered leaders

Marriage and Sexuality of Maldivian Youths

by Aik Easa & the Humanitarian team

Youth-centered approach is essential to our work

by Patience Ampomah

My Body. My Right. My Choice. My Life.

They stand up for our rights

Ceasefire Now for Gaza

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Abortion Stigma Busters

We envision a world where abortion care is centered around the needs and care of those who have abortions. Where stigma, fear, and misinformation about

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Meet our Experts Activists Members

#Repro Hero

LGBTIQ+ Human Rights

We, the LGBTQIA+ community are already deprived from our society, from our community, family, schools, college and university. Now, let us not deprive ourselves of our health as well. We must be vocal, speak up, and be united. I’m not asking for prioritization – just equal rights and opportunities

Reproductive Rights Are Human Rights