IPPF at the Commission on Population and Development

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This year, the IPPF delegation to the CPD consisted of 35 delegates

We represented 22 countries 17 Member Associations 5 regions

Being at CPD57 this year gave me the opportunity to share Profamilia's work on humanitarian crises and abortion within the framework of the Population and Development Agenda. I was able to meet with the IPPF family and Girls Not Brides and strengthen our relationship with allies such as the Colombian government, embassies, and social organizations.

With the expectation and hope that sexual and reproductive rights continue to be a commitment of all States worldwide, including Guatemala. May the commitments of the CPD, both present and future, translate into actions today for girls and women, and may positive actions be taken to improve access to sexual and reproductive health services. We cannot continue to lose valuable lives due to unsafe abortions, forced motherhood, and sexual violence. Let's strive for more on the path towards a dignified life.

At CPD, we have built a space of camaraderie and feminist resistance that nourishes us to strengthen our collaborative work. This year, as we celebrate the 30 years of ICPD and the 10 years of the Montevideo Consensus, we were able to renew our commitment to advance sexual and reproductive justice.

The 57th Session of the CPD was important because it allowed me to firsthand understand how sexual rights, reproductive rights, and gender equality are still contested issues, requiring concerted and firm action from civil society for their defense and effective implementation of the ICPD Programme of Action.

Monitoring the population and development agenda and participating in CPD 57 allowed us to understand the global dimension of the anti-rights agenda and the risks it poses to our sexual and reproductive rights. However, it was also possible to recognize a strong, diverse, critical, and proactive feminist articulation, with broad capacities to influence and defend the achievements made for our sexual and reproductive health and rights.

During the opening ceremony speakers emphasized on the need to prioritize a rights based approach to SRHR interventions. The need for youths, women, CBO and local organizations being part of the process at the UN. The biggest question coming out that resonated with me was 30 years later why do women still have to wait to control their fertility, young women wait until it’s too late to understand their Reproductive Health! Separately as I moderated the Guttchmacher led side event, It was clear we have made immense progress on ReproHealth as a global community. But key gaps remain in our path to fulfilling the vision laid out by the ICPD Programme of Action and set forth by the Guttmacher-Lancet Commission. We need to invest more in data collection and collaboration across institutions and countries, especially to focus on people and communities that have been marginalized. We also need to refocus our attention on neglected areas of work, including gender-based violence and adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights.

CPD57 was an exciting opportunity to collaborate and connect with other passionate advocates and CSOs from around the world. It was valuable to hear from both CSOs and member states about progress that has been made to fulfil sexual and reproductive health and rights especially in the Asia pacific region. While challenges to progress persist and at times the opposition to women’s rights can feel disheartening, it was a positive sign that we were able to reach a consensus that included commitment for human rights for all, gender equality and empowering girls and women. And for me personally it was very special to have the opportunity to advocate for the inclusive fulfilment of sexual and reproductive health and rights at a global level and learn from other srhr champions!