The Pleasure Revolution

When it comes to consenting adults engaging in safe sex, pleasure is the name of the game.

The Pleasure Revolution

Everyone should enjoy a pleasure-filled and healthy sex life, free from violence, shame or criminalization. We are celebrating sex and sexuality by promoting well-being, safety, pleasure, desire and joy, all while helping people feel empowered to know what they want, and ask for it too.

Why Pleasure?

Let’s be honest … young people don’t just have sex for reproduction. They have sex because it feels good! New research shows that including sexual pleasure in sexual health education improves condom use and increases knowledge and positive attitudes about sex, ultimately leading to better, safer sex and saving lives in the process.

The Pleasure Principles

We’re tired of standard prevention framing in sex education that only focuses on avoiding pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. That’s why we’ve endorsed the Pleasure Project’s Pleasure Principles, which promote a sex-positive, pleasure-based approach to sex and sexual health.

When it comes to consenting adults engaging in safe sex, pleasure is the name of the game.

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In 2022, IPPF Africa Region launched a digital campaign on safer sex and the importance of pleasure. Learn more about Treasure Your Pleasure below!

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