May is Masturbation Month

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Masturbation is exploration

Start your journey of self-discovery with our range of masturbation and self-care resources!

Long strokes, short strokes, rapid strokes. Masturbation is perfectly normal and it’s good for your health. If you’ve got a penis, check out our blog to explore what works for you.

Round and round or up and down, masturbation can help build your sexual confidence. If you’ve got a vagina, check out our blog to get started on your self-love journey. 

5 great reasons to use lube

There’s no such thing as a ‘typical’ lube user. It can and is used by all, regardless of gender, age and sexuality, and can also be used during masturbation. 

Why should you care about self-care?

There is no doubt that masturbation is an essential part of self-care: a concept that is often associated with mental health, but that can also play a big role towards improving physical health and wellbeing too.